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Repair VS. Replace: 3 Questions To Ask Before Deciding What To Do With Your Broken Appliance

Replacement or repair

As a homeowner, your various household appliances are an important part of you and your family's daily lives, and as such, it can cause quite a bit of chaos when one or more of them stop functioning like they are supposed. Whether your appliance has been giving you signs for a while, or the issue just sprang up out of the blue, the big question on your mind is going to be one of, "Do I get my appliance repaired, or should I start shopping for a replacement?" New appliances can be a major investment, and in many cases, simple repairs are often enough to not only get your existing appliances back to functioning order, but to help prevent future occurrences of the problem that led to their failure in the first place. Before you go out shopping for brand new appliances, take the time to consider the answers to the following questions to better determine if new appliances are the proper solutions, or appliance repairs might be the more efficient way to go.

Is It Still Under Warranty?

Most major household appliances have a built-in manufacturer's warranty of some kind, and many stores where appliances can be bought will often offer warranties of their own as well. When any of your appliances stop working like they should, find the owner's manual and check to see if your appliance still falls within the warranty period. If so, the repairs you need will likely be covered as long as you have been keeping up with any maintenance that might be required by the warranty itself. If your appliance is still covered, you will likely be able to get the repairs you need at little or no cost, making repairs the obvious choice.

Is Your Appliance Nearing The End Of Its Useful Life?

At the end of the day, your household appliances are all highly complex mechanical devices, and like any other device, they have a finite lifespan. While it may differ a little bit from appliance to appliance, there is an average that you will want to be aware of. If your broken appliance still has a number of serviceable years left, getting professionals repairs is likely going to be the more efficient way to go, but if your appliance is closing in on the end of its useful lifespan, or has already surpassed it, replacement might be the better option.

Does It Fall Within The 50% Rule?

As a general rule of thumb, the 50% rule is something you are going to want to pay attention to when it comes to repairing or replacing your home's appliances. Generally speaking, the 50% rule is as follows: If an appliance is more than 50% through its lifespan, and if the cost of repair is going to be more than 50% of what it would take to buying new, replacement is likely going to be the better option. If those two criteria aren't met, however, repairs are going to be your more cost effective choice.

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